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Thomsons Coachlines partners with Skin Elements All-Natural SuprCuvr to Save Time & Money

Thomsons Coachlines partners with Skin Elements All-Natural SuprCuvr to Save Time & Money


  • Skin Elements and SuprCuvr is making big strides in the transport industry with a new partnership with Thomsons Coachlines
  • Thomsons’ entire 45-bus fleet is disinfected with the plant-based, all-natural, chemical-free SuprCuvr hospital-grade disinfectant prior to each trip
  • Acknowledging the health and safety of customers and staff as its number-one priority, SuprCuvr provides Thomsons with an all-in-one solution
  • SuprCuvr saves Thomsons significant time and money disinfecting its fleet while providing the highest level of protection without the use of harmful chemicals   
  • Buses are disinfected and back-on-the-road in 10 minutes with SuprCuvr instead of chemical disinfecting, which takes buses out of service for 4 hours while the chemical odour dissipates
  • Chemical disinfectants also degrade bus seat upholstery leading to costly re-fits while SuprCuvr does no damage to upholstery
  • The mass transport sector represents a major potential growth market for Skin Elements and SuprCuvr

Skin Elements Limited has partnered with leading Australian bus company, Thompson Coachlines, to provide Skin Elements’ market leading SuprCuvr TGA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant across the entire Thompson’s bus fleet to keep passengers safe – the natural way.  

After commencing a trial in March this year, Skin Elements has entered into an exciting partnership with Thomsons which sees each bus across its entire 45-bus fleet ‘fogged’ with Skin Elements’ plant-based, alcohol-free SuprCuvr disinfectant prior to each trip.

In addition, all Thomsons buses are equipped with a SuprCuvr pump-pack at the front of each bus for the personal use of customers as they embark and disembark the bus.

Acknowledging the health and safety of customers and staff as its number-one priority and the risk presented by COVID-19 and other harmful bacteria, Thomsons buses are disinfected prior to each trip. This was previously done with chemical disinfectants, which presented a number of problems.

Thomsons has discovered the all-natural, 99.99999% COVID-19 effective SuprCuvr as its all-in-one solution.

Chemically disinfecting put each bus off the road for 4 hours before they could be re-entered, costing the company time and money. Using SuprCuvr’s plant-based, non-toxic formula, buses are disinfected and back on the road in just 10 minutes. This can even be done during the automated cleaning process.

The unpleasant odour of chemical disinfectants also impacted passengers, requiring buses to be sprayed with eucalyptus oil prior to them being safe to be re-entered – adding another layer of time and cost.

Over time the chemical disinfectants have also degraded bus seat upholstery, leading to the need for a $40,000 re-fit. SuprCuvr, on the other hand, has shown to cause no damage to upholstery.

Commenting of the partnership, Skin Elements Executive Chairman Peter Malone said that he was delighted to welcome Thomsons Coachlines as SuprCuvr’s corporate client and to be able to work with them to provide SuprCuvr across its entire bus fleet.

“With COVID-19 restriction lifting and the community returning to their normal daily routines, both companies share the view that it remains vitally important that we all continue to thoroughly disinfect surfaces and keep our homes and workplaces clean,” said Mr Malone.

“SuprCuvr is a truly disruptive disinfectant product in that it is not only independently rated 99.99999% effective against COVID-19, but it is also alcohol-free, non-toxic and made from a plant-based formula, making it safe for use in all settings.

“The ability to deliver maximum protection in a natural product is a key difference-maker between SuprCuvr and typical alcohol-based disinfectants, and is what drew Thomsons to SupCuvr. There really is nothing else quite like SuprCuvr on the market.” The drivers have been particularly pleased with the use of SuprCuvr.

Major Growth Opportunity

The mass transport sector represents a major potential growth market for Skin Elements and SuprCuvr. Statistics show that were more than 97,000 registered buses in Australia in 20211, and more than 2,000 bus companies2.

Following the success of its partnership with Thomsons Coachlines, Skin Elements is now looking to expand its footprint in the bus sector and the transport industry more broadly.

Thomsons were attracted to Skin Elements’ ‘human friendly and planet friendly’ philosophy for all its products, in conjunction with the fact that SuprCuvr has the highest rating in protecting against COVID-19.

Skin Elements’ natural and organic philosophy is at the heart of all its products, and none more so than with SuprCuvr. The Perth-headquartered company has spent the past 17 years and more than $40 million developing organic and natural household products, including the SuprCuvr non-toxic disinfectant which is proven to effectively kill off COVID-19, and other germs.

SuprCuvr is currently stocked at more than 160 IGA stores in Western Australia, and the Company is focused on expanding its roll-out in large retail chains and in the corporate sector.

SuprCuvr is available online at;

About Skin Elements

Skin Elements (ASX: SKN) is an award winning Australian owned and operated ASX-listed health care

company focused on the development of natural and organic health care products. Skin Elements innovative approach to plant-based and organic personal care and skincare products has enabled the creation of a portfolio of products that have been sold and distributed across the world. Its flagship products include the SuprCuvr TGA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant, SuprCuvr alcohol free natural sanitiser, Soléo Organics natural and organic sunscreen, PapayaActivs natural

therapeutics skincare and Elizabeth Jane Natural Cosmetics brand.

Further information is available via the Company website: and via the Company’s online store:

About Thomsons Coachlines

Thomson coachlines is a West Australian-owned family business established in 1996. With over 45 coaches, they provide personal, corporate, and mining charters. Ranging from 13 to 61 seats all their

vehicles are equipped with reverse cycle air conditioning and reclining seats. Thomson’s offers a wide array of charter services, including sporting events, tourism, business events, gold tours, day

trips, sightseeing tours, weddings, interstate trips, sporting events, and school events. They are accredited as both a quality tourism accredited business and a sustainable tourism accredited business. Further information is available via;