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Our goal is to harness the power of nature through science and innovation to enhance health and wellness for all humanity

We partner with nature to source only the best, most healthy ingredients for our brands and through our expertise in science and innovation we produce products that are disrupting the industry without harming our planet.

SKN Shield


SuprCuvr™ environmentally friendly disinfectant spray protects surface areas in your home or business to help prevent viruses from spreading. It’s a child and pet-friendly disinfectant spray that’s made from 100% plant based ingredients.

SuprCuvr™ has been proven effective against COVID-19 Coronavirus and a wide range of other bacteria and viruses, giving you peace of mind that you, your family, and your business are all protected.

Simply spray SuprCuvr™ onto critical surfaces and high-touchpoint areas to keep these areas protected from COVID-19 Coronavirus.

SKN Protect

Soléo Organics

Soléo Organics sunscreen is broad spectrum, designed with a patented non-whitening clear (micronized, non-nano) zinc oxide to reflect both UVA and UVB radiation. Full of botanical extracts and anti-oxidants, our sunscreen does more than just give you all round protection from the harmful rays of the sun, it fortifies, moisturises and takes care of your skin.

They are not only free of the “nasties” like sulphates, parabens and petroleum, they are completely chemical free. Each ingredient is chosen carefully, all our sunscreens are hypoallergenic and suitable for babies, pregnant women and even those with extremely sensitive skin. Also suitable for daily use right across the year, helping you worry less and engage more.

SKN Activs

Papaya Activs

From our leading natural science expertise in the use of McArthur Pawpaw Extract® Formula for the treatment of skin conditions, we developed a range of products for cleansing, hydrating, revitalising and generally caring for your skin plus a therapeutics range for particular skin conditions.

SKN Cosmetics

Elizabeth Jane

All the Elizabeth Jane range of products are ideal for sensitive skin & provide an effective alternative to synthetic chemical based cosmetic skin care as they are all 100% natural.