PapayaActivs launch phase progress


PapayaActivs is based on pawpaw extract, containing up to 60% pawpaw extract, dwarfing competitors creams which usually rely on petroleum jelly combined with the pawpaw. In addition without the SE FormulaTM to stabilise the formula, PapayaActivs products contain up to twenty times the amount of pawpaw extract that other creams can achieve.

This allows PapayaActivs to give the first non-steroidal alternative for common conditions like, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rashes and even arthritis.

The used by date is also an impressive three years instead of the more common two years. With this in place PapayaActivs formula has also been created to be eco-friendly and suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Formulation Checklist
Biodegradable Symbol
Broad Spectrum
SPF 30
3 Hour Water Resistant
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PapayaActivs comprises of two ranges, the cosmetics range of products and the therapeutic range of products.

The therapeutic range of products solve problems like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and arthritis, and therefore are classified as therapeutic goods. As such the five creams created to address these issues have been successfully included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.

The cosmetic range of products, include products for skincare, haircare, soaps and more general skin treatments. Useful both as natural, eco-friendly alternatives for the average conscious consumer, and as really needed products for those requiring the therapeutic products. As they are natural hypoallergenic alternatives for the products that these people can’t normally use with their conditions.

As such PapayaActivs has five registered creams and 11 unregistered products.


5 Registered Creams


11 Products

Test Marketing

PapayaActivs has been releasing it’s products for test marketing in stages with different groups of products released at different times. Overall test marketing has been extremely successful with a very good reception of the products.

Australia has largely been the test market thus far, with some exports to New Zealand and a few minor ones to the United States and Europe.

The best reception has been with the therapeutic creams. They have received high praise and sold out extraordinarily quickly. As such Skin Elements will be in contact with the Eczema Association in Australia and the United States when PapayaActivs moves out of test marketing.

The products are currently available online.

Test Marketing Images of PapayaActivs


> 1 Million Tubes


$25 Million AUD


Australia Wide


2 Product Ranges