What is the SE Formula™

The SE Formula™ has been developed by Skin Elements over the last 20 years, and is the core of every natural product we develop.

In total over 18,000 hours of research and more than $36 million has been invested in it’s creation, and the resulting products. Products with the SE Formula™ are comparatively more effective, last longer, require no chemical preservatives, and have come to be trusted by consumers in our test marketing.

The distinct SE Formula™ logo has come to be recognized as synonymous with, superior, safer products.

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Young women looking at products and developing them.

Why The SE Formula™

Over twenty years ago, Peter Malone, Leo Fung, and Craig Piercy recognized the domination of chemical products across the market, and the health problems they were causing.

Driven to action by this need, they quickly came to realise that the largest problem facing any naturally based product was the difficulty preserving ingredients.
Without synthetic preservatives ingredients quickly went bad, ruining the product. Recognising this the dream of the SE Formula™ was born.

Five years later the world’s first all-natural sunscreen was born. Years of work by Peter, Leo, and Craig resulted in the first edition of the SE Formula™. The SE Formula™ now forms the foundation of all Skin Elements formulas and provides Skin Elements with the capability to safer, more effective and longer lasting products than any of their competitors.

Development Phases

Skin Elements uses a four phase process in the development of our brands. Utilising the SE Formula™, we start by developing an all natural formula for the desired field and purpose. This is the first phase of our development process.

Following the development of the formula, we undertake regulatory approvals, certifications and basic consumer testing. When these are complete we begin test marketing, usually starting in our desired market and with some expansion to other potential global markets. This completes the second and third phases of our development process.

Finally with a complete, tested product, and test marketing completed, we launch into distribution, scaling up production and seeking distribution agreements creating large scale regular orders.

Skin Elements Brand Development Process