Who We Are

Skin Elements is a formulation company. Founded by three men over twenty years ago, intent on providing better natural alternatives to chemical-led industries. Instead of focusing quick profits, Skin Elements has pushed into research and development. Now, twenty years later, Skin Elements SE Formula™, the key to all our natural formulations, is complete, and our products are finally finishing test marketing and preparing for commercialisation.

With such an emphasis on research and development, our products have proven far superior, with up to twenty times the concentration on natural ingredients other brands manage. This while still offering a shelf life to compete with chemical products. Our products have proven highly effective and extremely popular in test marketing, and we are excited to start seeing our vision in force. “To improve the health and wellness of people across the globe”.

Formulation Checklist

Our SE Formula™

Every formula we create is based on our extensive knowledge and experience in formulating products. We have used this knowledge to create our SE Formula™, a 100% natural, plant-based formulation that allows our products to last longer, work more effectively and contain higher concentrations of natural extracts and ingredients.

We created our SE Formula™ shortly after setting out on this journey, after discovering that the largest problem being faced by all-natural formulations, was the difficulty of preserving ingredients. This difficulty has caused most products in the industry to either have very short shelf lives, or to use synthetic ingredients which frequently cause problems for those with sensitive skin.

Combining our SE Formula™ with other natural and organic ingredients has allowed us to create over thirty-three unique formulations. Each formulation is hypoallergenic and created to solve consumers problems specifically and provide natural solutions where none exist. Just one example is non-steroidal creams for the treatment of various skin conditions.

Skin Elements SE Formula technology core brands

Current Progress

So far we have developed products for three industries. Five brands, covering thirty three unique formulations and forming over sixty six different individual product SKU’s.

Each of these brands is at a different stage of commercialisation following our thorough four stage commercialisation process. Currently Soléo Organics is at the forefront and negotiating it’s first large scale worldwide distribution opportunity.

You can read further about our progress, and specifics about each brand and product via the link below.


Skin Elements was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange back in twenty seventeen. Now after several years of final development and setbacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are stepping into our commercialisation goals.

You can read about our current progress and our recent announcements in the stock exchange or via the link below to see how we are progressing and how we are proceeding with each brand. You can also find information about our annual general meetings and view our annual reports online on the reports page.

We store all of our public information online via the investors menu tab.