Soleo Organics natural sunscreen launch phase


Soléo Organics development began in 2001. It was the very first all natural sunscreen, Skin Elements pioneered natural zinc sunscreen technology, and utilising the SE Formula™, created the first natural sunscreen.

This sunscreen was the very first to be free of any chemical ingredients and to use zinc oxide as an active ingredient. Since then the Soléo Organics range has expanded into fourteen different SKU’s.

In recent years many companies have tried to develop their own natural sunscreens as well. However Soléo Organics still wins awards as the best.

Formulation Checklist
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Broad Spectrum
SPF 30
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3 Hour Water Resistant
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Soléo Organics has been registered around the globe in many different countries. In most countries, sunscreen is considered a therapeutic cream and therefore under strict regulation.

However Soléo Organics surpassed all regulatory requirements and has been approved for sale across the world.

It’s current regulatory approvals include, the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia and New Zealand, the Food and Drugs Administration in The United States, The Cosmetic Products Notification Portal in the European Union, Health Canada in Canada and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan.

These regulatory approvals have opened the doors for Soléo’s distribution across the world.

TGA Registered


FDA Registered

United States

Health Canada Registered


MHLW Registered


CPNP Registered


Test Marketing

Soléo Organics has had test marketing across the globe. Everywhere from the United States to Hawaii, to Japan to Slovenia. Soléo Organics became very popular and has a strongly developed international presence with test marketing continuing currently online.

In the process of test marketing the Soléo Organics team were overwhelmed by the number of awards and features in magazines as popularity spread.

Some of the best included Elle Magazine, a division of Washington Post and the Environmental Working Group.

Even now Soléo Organics is still rated at number 1 by the Environmental Working Group in the United States. Other recent notables include the Clean Beauty Awards in 2022 and the Clean + Conscious Awards in 2023.

Surfers using Soléo Organics branded equipment


> 2 Million Tubes


$30 Million AUD


> 20 Countries


5 Major Awards

Soleo Organics being mass produced


With the formulations complete, 14 SKU’s (and three more under development), regulatory approvals and now test marketing completed successfully. Skin Elements is looking to distribution of the Solo Organics brand and range.

With some test distribution across Australia, Europe and the United States, already completed, Skin Elements has a good picture of our target markets, and consumer behaviour in this area.

Furthermore, with bans beginning across the globe on chemical sunscreen and further research coming out about the damage these chemicals are doing to our coral reefs, Soléo Organics is perfectly positioned to not just launch commercially, but to take over the market.

Currently Skin Elements is in discussion with large scale distributors in the United Kingdom as we finalise plans for major distribution agreements across the globe.


14 SKU’s


> 10,000 Hours


2 Million Tubes


$10 Million AUD