Soleo Organics natural sunscreen launch phase


Elizabeth Jane Natural Cosmetics were created to offer truly natural and highly effective anti-aging, beautifying cosmetics products. Not only are Elizabeth Jane’s products highly effective, they contain very high concentrations of natural active ingredients, utilising our SE Formula™ to keep their effectiveness over a long period of time.

Elizabeth Jane’s products are all natural, completely free of synthetic preservatives, phthalates, parabens, mineral oils, BHT, siloxane, plastic microbeads and many other chemical’s plaguing the skincare and cosmetics industries.

As all-natural products, they are also biodegradable, and eco-friendly. Like all our products they are also made exclusively inside Australia and cruelty free.

Formulation Checklist


9 Formula’s


Individual Sizes


Natural Fragrances





Certification images of work in lab


Elizabeth Jane Natural Cosmetics formulas are currently in the certification stage. Elizabeth Jane products have undergone checks and testing in Europe and in the United Kingdom.

As a cosmetic product, they require fewer certifications than most of our other products (depending on the country). The tests and checks are also generally more costly than for other products due to the industry. However, all testing has shown the Elizabeth Jane range to be extremely effective.

We look forward to introducing the Elizabeth Jane Natural Cosmetics range of products in test marketing across the globe as our certifications stage of commercialisation comes to a close.