Our Vision

Skin Elements envisions a world where everyone has access to high-quality, natural & organic skincare products that enhance health and well-being, while respecting and preserving the environment.

We envision a world where everyone, regardless of their background or geographical location, has access to high-quality, natural, and organic products that enhance health and well-being, all while respecting and preserving the environment. This vision stems from the recognition of our founders, who, over twenty years ago, identified the growing need for natural and sustainable solutions across a variety of industries.

While we started by looking at skincare solutions, our vision extends beyond this. We hope to incorporate naturopathic principles into a huge variety sectors, from personal care to as far as agriculture.

Our vision paints a picture of a world that is cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable than the one we were born into. We strive for a future where the harmful effects of chemicals and synthetic ingredients are eliminated, replaced by safe, effective, and environmentally friendly alternatives.

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Our Mission

“To improve the health and wellness of people and the planet”

Our mission has been driven thus far by the pursuit of finding natural, sustainable, and effective alternatives to traditional chemical products. Our journey towards this goal has, relied heavily on research and innovations as the solutions we needed didn’t exist.

Through our research and development efforts, we have pioneered the field, developing cutting-edge technologies required to produce our unique solutions. One of our significant achievements is the development of our ‘SE Formula,’ an all-natural preservative that surpasses traditional chemical ones in terms of safety, shelf life, and effectiveness. This breakthrough allows us to create natural products without compromising on quality and efficacy.

We have also been addressing the environmental impact of producing our products at scale. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in the innovative methods we have developed for packaging our products. We have carefully designed eco-friendly packaging solutions for our products that have now even become standards in the industry.

So far our efforts have resulted in the worlds first all natural sunscreen, the most concentrated pawpaw creams on the market, plant based disinfectants, cosmetics and now even bio-stimulants for agriculture. Now transitioning into commercialization, our focus is shifting towards making our products accessible to people around the globe. As we grow closer to achieving our mission we encourage everyone to join us on our mission and to make positive impact to lives across the globe.

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Our Strategy

Skin Elements uses a four-phase process in the development of our brands and formulas. Our fundamental development process is based on Peter Malone’s thirty years of experience in developing and managing technology development programs from the idea stage to reality.

Over his many years of experience, he has developed this process and used it in the development of his previous companies.

Using this process Skin Elements is now working to bring our brands to market in three key industries.

Each stage in our development process has been carefully designed to increase the final value of the brand. The final goal of the entire process is commercialisation, putting the products in the hands of men and women, across the globe.