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Utilising the SE Formula™ Skin Elements has developed the ECO Nurture formula, with the intention of solving the problems caused by chemical crop protection.

ECO Nurture is 100% plant based, containing no chemicals to build up in the soil. It’s free of any synthetic preservatives, and biodegradable and vegan. Currently classed as a plant bio-stimulant, ECO Nurture stimulates a plants natural tolerance to stress, and offers sustainable agro-ecological crop protection.

It’s PPE free, safe on skin, organically sourced and safe in waste water.

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ECO Nurture is currently undergoing testing in New Zealand in a wide array of farms. Testing is currently focused on Kiwi fruit farms for resilience against PSA as a replacement for copper sulphate, and in viticulture farms for similar reasons.

ECO Nurture is intended to offer a new solution for farmers in the prevention of spreading blights, without damage to the soil, often caused by chemical products. It’s also safer for the farmer and for surrounding areas, and hoped to offer a modern safer organic alternative to normal pesticide sprays.

Currently ECO Nurture is operating as a Plant Bio-Stimulant, however after testing it’s intended to be certified for use in New Zealand, commercially as a the first organic alternative treatment for various problems.


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