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SuprCuvr utilises the SE Formula™ in a more raw format in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Combining this with other natural ingredients, it has been proven to be effective to Log 7 reduction (99.99999% effective) against COVID-19. An unprecedented level of effectiveness, about 1000x as effective as traditional disinfectants.

The SuprCuvr formula is hypoallergenic, chemical free and 100% plant based. It doesn’t use hydrogen peroxide, synthetic preservatives, benzalkonium chloride, chlorine, formaldehyde, ethanol, or ammonium. It’s also vegan and cruelty free.

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SuprCuvr has been included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) and proven effective to 99.99999% against COVID-19.

It has also been independently tested to show no irritation on skin, rinse free on food surfaces and Certified by NASAA Certified Organic so it can be sprayed around organic produce without changing their organic status.

Recently SuprCuvr was tested to be proven effective against mould and fungi as well.

Finally SuprCuvr’s wipes have been certified home compostable.


6 Products


6 Products


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In Progress

Test Marketing

SuprCuvr is entering its next phase of commercialisation, test marketing. Already many bottles have been sold and due to popular demand, our phase of commercialisation has been accelerated with some sales despite certain certifications still coming through.

So far we have sold a million dollars worth for retail sale and have seen several commercial sales prospects.

Thomson Bus Services has taken on SuprCuvr for the cleaning and disinfection of their buses. Not only is SuprCuvr saving them an enormous amount of time, but they can spray and immediately use their buses saving downtime. They have also found, that SuprCuvr doesn’t damage the upholstery of their buses like other chemical products have. They estimate this savings alone at over $45,000 worth.

We are excited to be accelerating SuprCuvr’s commercialisation due to popular demand.

SuprCuvr in use at the home