Why Skin Elements

Skin Elements is driven by the pursuit of finding natural, sustainable, and effective alternatives to traditional products. Our journey towards this goal has thus far, relied heavily on research and development as the solutions we needed didn’t exist.

Through our research and development efforts, we have pioneered the field, developing cutting-edge technologies required to produce our unique solutions. One of our significant achievements is the development of our ‘SE Formula™,’ an all-natural preservative that surpasses traditional chemical ones in terms of safety, shelf life, and effectiveness. This breakthrough allows us to create natural products without compromising on quality and efficacy.

Skin Elements doesn’t exist as just another ‘Natural’ company. We are a formulation company, pioneering new research and development, resulting in formulations that are at the cutting edge of technology, and commercialised on a global scale.

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Pioneering Natural Formula’s

Skin Elements mission is to pioneer natural technologies, to improve health and wellness across the globe. So far Skin Elements has formulated over thirty three unique formula’s. All sitting at the head of their industries. Our formula’s are all natural, and support the planet, rather than threatening it. All of our formula’s are biodegradable and completely free of any synthetic chemicals or substances. As such they are also biodegradable and eco-friendly. Our goal is to be both people friendly and planet friendly.

As part of this goal, we support circular economy principles. With a goal of ensuring nothing that we manufacture ever taints our natural environment. As part of that goal, our formula’s and products are also exclusively produced inside of Australia, and registered with Australian Made, who audits our processes annually.

The results of our efforts so far include five individual brands. Each brand developed separately and utilising our extensive knowledge built over the last twenty years. Our commercialisation strategy and methodology is extensive and thorough, to ensure financial viability and global scale distribution on it’s completion. Currently our first brands are just completing this process, and we are excited to start putting out products in hands across the globe.

Skin Elements Brand Development Process

Development Phases

Skin Elements uses a four-phase process in the development of our brands and formulas. Our fundamental development process is based on Peter Malone’s thirty years of experience in developing and managing technology development programs from the idea stage to reality.

Over his many years of experience, he has developed this process and used it in the development of his previous companies.

Using this process Skin Elements is now working to bring our brands to market in three key industries.

Each stage in our development process has been carefully designed to increase the final value of the brand. The final goal of the entire process is commercialisation, putting the products in the hands of men and women, across the globe.

Current Progress

Skin Elements uses a four phase process in the development of our brands. Utilising the SE Formula™, we start by developing an all natural formula for the desired field and purpose. This is the first phase of our development process.

Following the development of the formula, we undertake regulatory approvals, certifications and basic consumer testing. When these are complete we begin test marketing, usually starting in our desired market and with some expansion to other potential global markets. This completes the second and third phases of our development process.

Finally with a complete, tested product, and test marketing completed, we launch into distribution, scaling up production and seeking distribution agreements creating large scale regular orders.

Skin Elements Brands in Spiral Graphic Showing Industries