Investors Section

SKN provides SuprCuvr Update16-Dec-2021
Non-Renounceable Issue01-Dec-2021
Update – Proposed Issue of Securities – SKN01-Dec-2021
Update – Proposed Issue of Securities – SKN17-Nov-2021
Non-Renounceable Issue17-Nov-2021
Corporate Governance Statement15-Nov-2021
Jobkeeper Notice10-Nov-2021
Non-Renounceable Issue03-Nov-2021
Update – Proposed issue of securities – SKN03-Nov-2021
Quarterly Activities/Appendix 4C Cash Flow Report28-Oct-2021
Quarterly Activities/Appendix 4C Cash Flow Report27-Oct-2021
Non-Renounceable Issue20-Oct-2021
Update – Proposed issue of securities – SKN20-Oct-2021
Reinstatement to Official Quotation18-Oct-2021
Top 20 Shareholders18-Oct-2021
Distribution Schedule18-Oct-2021
Pre-Reinstatement Disclosure18-Oct-2021
Appendix 2A15-Oct-2021
Non-Renounceable Issue06-Oct-2021
Application for quotation of securities – SKN06-Oct-2021
Update – Proposed issue of securities – SKN05-Oct-2021
SKN Appendix 4G Corporate Governance30-Sep-2021
Annual Report 202130-Sep-2021
Non-Renounceable Issue22-Sep-2021
Update – Proposed issue of securities – SKN22-Sep-2021
Non-Renounceable Issue08-Sep-2021
Update – Proposed issue of securities – SKN08-Sep-2021
Initial Director’s Interest Notice01-Sep-2021
Final Director’s Interest Notice01-Sep-2021
Preliminary Final Report31-Aug-2021
Director Appointment/Resignation31-Aug-2021
Proposed issue of securities – SKN31-Aug-2021
SKN secures TGA registration for Invisi Shield SuprCuvr31-Aug-2021
Update – Proposed issue of securities – SKN25-Aug-2021
Non-Renounceable Issue25-Aug-2021
Non-Renounceable Issue11-Aug-2021
Update – Proposed issue of securities – SKN11-Aug-2021
Quarterly Activities/Appendix 4C Cash Flow Report30-Jul-2021
Non-Renounceable Issue28-Jul-2021
Update – Proposed issue of securities – SKN28-Jul-2021
Non-Renounceable Issue14-Jul-2021
Update – Proposed issue of securities – SKN14-Jul-2021
Update – Proposed issue of securities – SKN30-Jun-21
Non-Renounceable Issue30-Jun-21
SKN – Update to voluntary suspension22-Jun-21
Non-Renounceable Issue17-Jun-21
Proposed issue of securities – SKN17-Jun-21
Update – Proposed issue of securities – SKN10-Jun-21
Non-Renounceable Issue10-Jun-21
Non-Renounceable Issue02-Jun-21
Proposed issue of Securities – SKN02-Jun-21
Non-Renounceable Issue24-May-21
Update – Proposed issue of Securities – SKN24-May-21
Disclosure Document – Cleansing Prospectus19-May-21
Proposed issue of Securities – SKN18-May-21
SKN issues Collateral Shares to LDA Capital18-May-21
Proposed issue of Securities – SKN17-May-21
Entitlement Issue updated timetable17-May-21
Non-Renounceable Issue10-May-21
Update – Proposed issue of Securities – SKN10-May-21
Non-Renounceable Issue03-May-21
Proposed issue of Securities – SKN03-May-21
Proposed issue of securities12-Jan-21
Options underwriting agreement shortfall notice12-Jan-21
Investor presentation12-Jan-21
Cleansing prospectus12-Jan-21
Breach of listing rules 10.11 and 14.712-Dec-20
Letter to shareholders29-Dec-20
Letter to option holders expiry of listed options16-Dec-20
New issue announcement appendix 2A14-Dec-20
Change of director’s interest notice14-Dec-20
Underwriter to advance $500,00008-Dec-20
Trading suspension08-Dec-20
New issue announcement08-Dec-20
Exclusive option to acquire strategic stake in beach toes08-Dec-20
ASX reinstatement08-Dec-20
Appendix-2A Options08-Dec-20
Appendix-2A Cleansing08-Dec-20
Trading halt05-Dec-20
Change of Director’s Interest Notice19-Nov-20
Change of Principal Place of Business and Registered Office17-Nov-20
Response to ASX Price and Volume Query16-Nov-20
TGA Submission for Hospital Grade Invisi Shield Disinfectant11-Nov-20
Initial Director’s Interest Notice4-Nov-20
Final Director’s Interest Notice4-Nov-20
Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance Statement3-Nov-20
Annual Report to shareholders3-Nov-20
Appendix 4C – quarterly2-Nov-20
New Director Appointed29-Oct-20
Response to ASX Query Letter23-Oct-20
Update on Termination of Agreement19-Oct-20
Response to ASX Query Letter15-Oct-20
Company Update15-Oct-20
Company Secretary Appointment/Resignation9-Oct-20
extension to lodge audited accounts9-Sep-20
Preliminary Final Report31-Aug-20
new securities issue26-Aug-20
Appendix 2A26-Aug-20
Appendix 2A26-Aug-20
SKN enters into $2.4 million distribution agreement7-Aug-20
Appendix 4C – quarterly31-Jul-20
Response to ASX Query Letter3-Jul-20
Appendix 2A26-Jun-20
Proposed issue of Securities – SKN26-Jun-20
Appendix 2A26-Jun-20
Response to AFR article18-Jun-20
Disclosure Document12-Jun-20
new securities announcement12-Jun-20
Trading Halt8-May-20
Pause in Trading8-May-20
Appendix 4C – quarterly30-Apr-20
SKN Invisi-Shield Natural Sanitiser Update30-Apr-20
SKN announces $10.5m Options Underwriting Agreement16-Apr-20
SKN enters collaboration with HCT on natural sanitiser3-Apr-20
Trading Halt2-Apr-20
Response to ASX Appendix 3Y Query Letter30-Mar-20
Amended change of Director’s interest notice30-Mar-20
Change of Director’s Interest Notice26-Mar-20
Appendix 2A26-Mar-20
New Securities Issues23-Mar-20
Reinstatement to Official Quotation20-Mar-20
SKN announcement on Invisi Shield hand sanitiser20-Mar-20
Response to ASX Query Letter19-Mar-20
Appendix 2A17-Mar-20
Appendix 2A17-Mar-20
Non-Renounceable Issue17-Mar-20
Response to ASX Price Query16-Mar-20
SKN launches new skin medical range12-Mar-20
Response to query regarding accounts11-Mar-20
Suspension from Official Quotation10-Mar-20
Trading Halt6-Mar-20
Half Yearly Report and Accounts2-Mar-20
Non-Renounceable Issue24-Feb-20
Non-Renounceable Issue24-Feb-20
Non-Renounceable Issue14-Feb-20
Change of Director’s Interest Notice7-Feb-20
Change of Director’s Interest Notice7-Feb-20
Appendix 2A7-Feb-20
Proposed issue of Securities – SKN7-Feb-20
Proposed issue of Securities – SKN6-Feb-20
Disclosure Document5-Feb-20
Non-Renounceable Issue5-Feb-20
Appendix 4C – quarterly31-Jan-20
Non-Renounceable Issue21-Jan-20
Trading Halt17-Jan-20

Initial Director’s Interest Notice3 Dec 2019
Reinstatement to Official Quotation2 Dec 2019
Board Resignations and New Appointment29 Nov 2019
Chairman’s Address to Shareholders29 Nov 2019
Results of Meeting29 Nov 2019
Response to ASX Query Letter29 Nov 2019
Corporate Governance Statement29 Nov 2019
Voluntary Suspension25 Nov 2019
Voluntary Suspension25 Nov 2019
Response to ASX Query25 Nov 2019
Trading Halt21 Nov 2019
Pause in Trading21 Nov 2019
Appendix 4C – Quarterly31 Oct 2019
Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form31 Oct 2019
Annual Report to shareholders31 Oct 2019
Response to ASX Query28 Oct 2019
Final Director’s Interest Notice10 Oct 2019
Director Appointment/Resignation10 Oct 2019
SKN China Distribution Agreement Not Proceeding9 Oct 2019
Amended: Annual Report to shareholders3 Oct 2019
SKN 2019 Appendix 4G1 Oct 2019
Full Year Statutory Accounts1 Oct 2019
Disclosure Document13 Sep 2019
Preliminary Final Report2 Sep 2019
Appendix 4C – Quarterly1 Aug 2019
Appendix 3B17 Jun 2019
Change of Director’s Interest Notice21 May 2019
Response to Appendix 4C Query21 May 2019
Director Appointment3 May 2019
Appendix 3B3 May 2019
Appendix 4C – Quarterly1 May 2019
Disclosure Document5 Apr 2019
Reinstatement to Official Quotation25 Mar 2019
Response to ASX Price Query25 Mar 2019
Response to ASX Query25 Mar 2019
Skin Elements to enter Chinese skincare market25 Mar 2019
Suspension from Official Quotation18 Mar 2019
Trading Halt14 Mar 2019
Pause in Trading14 Mar 2019
Half Yearly Report & Accounts1 Mar 2019
Half Yearly Report & Accounts1 Mar 2019
Appendix 4C – Quarterly1 Feb 2019